Whats new in The New iPadOS and iPhones iOS 13

Whats new in The New iPadOS and iPhones iOS 13

In early June, the world’s leading developer of Apple Worldwide has come to an end. WWDC is one of the most common, and I think of all the new features and updates that they will share about “iOS 13.” Apple users wait for crazy searches to see cool features, new (and sometimes required) have been added to their favorite platforms.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the Google Docs application for iOS on the iPad (the section asking Apple to make some updates to the operating system). It’s just. Of course, there is a lot better that can be used quickly, but I have to complete the report and my laptop used by family members.

So, I turned up the iPad and Bluetooth keyboard to complete the task. Of course, it’s iPad Air 2, and a Bluetooth keyboard is a third party, but I think I can run with technology. Spoiler: they make it clear. Sign up for the following password.

However, it is not a problematic device.

It’s software. Applications for Google Docs Google on iOS are very important issues, and I’ve been listening to one ton of captured people for years. So, because Safari only downloads you to a mobile site that gets you back to the application, you are stuck with a cheaper and switched cache, in the endless loop.

The problem that looks small is enough to represent iOS in general. Do not go wrong, you can do many things. (I’m an Apple enthusiast and I believe them and the platform is more elegant.) You can not always do exactly what you want, especially cross-platform. Nilay Patel, from Verge, was able to put it best: “I did not want to synchronize with my computer, I wanted to provide my computer with me.”

It’s designated to replace iPadOS, which officially extends the iPad from a larger, fully charged, laptop, laptop. There are so many features and great changes, so I’m doing the best.

As I said, one of the biggest disruption is that when using Safari on iPad, you will get a mobile version of the website.

From a complete search, you can get watered or experience just kick you into an app, such as YouTube or Google Docs. No more, with the iPadOS identification, it’s going to iPad into a full desktop browser.

You now fill the full desktop version of the site, just like your MacBook. Lan, thanks to the fact that there are new download managers built into Safari, now you can download things and really do things with them instead of them disappearing into the ether from iOS as they did before.

Mouse support

I have heard about new mouse support added for accessibility features. It is said that she can not enjoy the ability of the MacBook, but with many mouse support.

ou can use any Bluetooth mouse, and it works like a regular computer, even with large codels and monsters. You can open the application, go to the home screen without having to shrink backward, move to the converter application and more with the mouse.

External Storage Support

When the iPad Pro has recovered greatly in 2018, they moved to USB-C (which would have been the “last” comment). However, one thing to say, everyone wants to use, maintain, unattainable. Now, Apple has acknowledged and handed over to customers. You can install the thumb driver directly into the iPad, available on USB-C, and new application file renovation will allow you anywhere you want, like, on the thumb drive directly.

Greater Enhancement Multitasking

You know the time you did not expect if you had an application like Safari open, and you want to have another Safari, but you can not because you can not have two examples of the same application? Yes, I’m sad too. Now, it’s past. You may have many similar windows applications


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